Rain, Rain, and MORE Rain!

This year has really been wet. We’ve had more rain in a month than we get all year. For horse people that can really play havoc with your schedule, among other things.

For instance, by now we would have normally put our second cutting of hay. Around here hay takes at least three days to bale so that it can dry out and cure. Because we’ve not had three days in a row where it didn’t rain, our hay is still growing out in the field uncut.

We don’t have a big  place and I use every square inch that I can to keep the horses from getting bored in the pend. One place that I do a lot of riding at is around and in the wet weather pond in our pasture. When it’s filled with a little water, I can lope nice big circles around the edge. When it’s all dried up, which is usually June through October, I can ride in the middle of it since the bottom is somewhat nice and flat. As of today, the wet weather pond has about three and half feet of water in it and I can’t even ride around the edge.

Of course with as heavy rain as we’ve had, in some cases raining three days straight non stop, the weather really plays havoc on a training and conditioning schedule. There’s been a lot of days it’s just rained to hard to even saddle up and just walk, let alone do anything else.

The horses, on the other hand, have enjoyed all the rain. Not only do we have good grass for what little pasture we have but the horses have gotten to keep their swimming pool through the heat this year. They love to play and splash in it and had rather drink out of it than the water trough.

I’d like to hear what your weather has been like and how it’s messed with your plans? Has it kept you from doing what you would normally be doing this time of year? Image

You can see how they’d rather drink from the nasty pond! 


You can see how deep the pond is now — even outside the fence! There’s no where to ride. 


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