Big Changes For Fairweather Farm

I’ve gotten behind on updating my blog the last couple of weeks but it’s with good reason. We’ve been moving!

It’s been eight days since we started packing and moving and we still have several loads to move. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate over a period of eleven years and even more amazing how you think the whole process will take less time than it winds up taking! Fortunately we moved only a few minutes away. Had it been any further and I’m not sure we would have survived! Moving is hard work!

Our old farm was a little over four acres and the new farm is a little over twenty one acres. Considering all of our horses were previously stalled during part of the day and rotated out on the same pasture, having full turnout on good grass will be a welcome change for us all.

We’re still having to rotate everyone on one pasture but fortunately it’s temporary and it’s much bigger than the previous one. The first day we turned the horses out, they weren’t sure whether they wanted to stretch their legs in the big field or eat knee deep grass. I think the first few minutes were a combination of both as they trotted and cantered with their heads buried in the tall grass. By night’s end however they settled close to the gate and I don’t think they moved until the next morning.







We still have quite a bit of work to do. Electric fence has to be put up on the back side of the back pasture, a second run shed has to be built, the round pen put up, and gravel and mats put in the stalls are the biggest items we need to get off the list. Even though it’s hard work, it’s exciting to see the changes taking place that will make chores much easier!

What changes are taking place in your life? Are they making your life easier or harder?