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Itch Magick , a product that helps relieve itchy coats, is now available in the United States. I recently had the opportunity to try it on my horse Fireman that has a severe fly allergy. Although I did not see the dramatic results that I had hoped for, mainly because he is an extreme case, I did see some improvement  and I still think the Itch Magick is a great product for most skin issues because of the combination of essential oils and iodine it contains.

Here’s a little bit about the history  –

Itch Magick
Itch Magick


How Itch Magick began…

In 2013 Ben’s horse Willow was suffering from some form of Summer Itch and Tamara, who had been working with Aromatherapy for many years, suggested using some Essential Oils. Ben, being the horsey side of the partnership, added a few ingredients to the mix and the pair tried the concoction on their itchy horse.

“Understanding the affliction helped us decide the ingredients,’ says Tamara, “The primary cause of the itch is an allergic reaction to the bites and excrement of midges. It is a chain reaction that can be seasonal, environmental and habitual. The changes and improvements we had with Willow simply amazed us and encouraged us to start testing our new creation on other suffering equines.”

Samples were given away at local markets and over Facebook. “The results were overwhelmingly positive, and so Itch Magick was born…” says Tamara, “We never intended to turn this into a business, we just wanted to help our itchy horse, but look at us now! Itch Magick has totally taken over our lives, it is very exciting!” Within 2 years Itch Magick is now selling from over 100 stores within Australia and is now hoping to become known around the world.

Tamara and Ben receive feedback on how they have helped itchy animals, both equine and canine, on almost a daily basis. “We are so excited that we have been able to help so many itchy animals! That is really what this is all about for us.”

The Itch Magick range contains a number of products, as Tamara explains, “We make a range of all natural products that use the power of Essential Oils & Iodine. They are all designed to help itchy horses and hounds. Itch Magick’s Oil is designed to penetrate right through the base hair layers and dead skin, it is particularly good for the mane & tail on a horse.  Itch Magick’s Lotion was created for more sensitive or hard to reach areas like the face & ears. It is more easy to control and won’t run into the eyes or leave the animal greasy. Itch Magick’s Cream is simply a stronger, thicker version, great for hot spots or really focused application. And the Itch Magick Shampoo is excellent to use in conjunction with any of the other products.”

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 Here are some example so the improvements seen with Itch Magick –

Tail Case
Tail Case
Neck case
Neck case