Who Is F.J. Thomas?

That’s a pretty loaded question!

I’m a middle-aged gal that lives with my husband in east Tennessee on our horse farm. To make the mortgage payment and pay the feed bill, I work full-time in the healthcare industry writing appeals. The rest of the time I spend working horses, and when I can, I compete in anything from barrel racing and ranch classes to hunter and trail. I just love seeing what a horse will do! Aside from that, I’m also an OHSA carded judge, riding instructor & trainer.

In addition to working and riding, I’m also a published author, blogger, and freelance writer. I write three blogs – Musings From The Leadrope (Training Blog), Talking In The Barn (Interview & Writing Blog), and Cowgirls With Curves (Plus Size Riding Blog & website). I’m also a guest blogger on Everybody Needs A Little Romance.

In March 2014, my debut novel Lost Betrayal, was published by Solstice Publishing. Lost Betrayal is a gripping story about Sage who loses her best horse in a tornado and the events that each of them go through in the aftermath. Although the book is sold as a romance, my own farrier and other male training friends have read the book and loved it! The story took ten years to write and was inspired by real life events. You can read about some of the  background of the book on the ENLAR blog.

As you can tell, my time is pretty stretched and most mornings I’m up at anywhere from 3-4am before barn chores and work trying to get some promo posts and writing in. I’m currently working on a novella named The Searching Place, as well as a couple of short stories and other novels. I also have plans for a sequel to Lost Betrayal. You can keep up with my writing progress on my Facebook Page where I frequently share snippets of my latest works in progress.

Ways to stay connected:

Facebook Author Page 

Twitter Page @F_J_Thomas


Amazon Author Page 

Cowgirls With Curves Facebook Page

Fairweather Farm Facebook Page

All Things Horses 2015 Group Facebook Page




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